From San Diego’s Premier Trainer Comes a Unique Transformational Fitness Program Packed with Incredible Tools To Transform Not Only Your Physique But Your Life!

Lose The Weight, Build a Lean Muscular Physique, Transform Your Physique and Life Through the Power of Health and Fitness. Experience a Life With a Body You’re Proud of, Full of Energy, Confidence, and Vitality.

This course is for anyone who’s looking to create a lean, healthy, and athletic physique, while building their confidence, increasing their energy, and reaching their peak potential and performance.

This course is for anyone who wants more from life. For the people who don’t want to live just an average life, or a good life, but for those who want a GREAT one!

I’m going to share with you how to lose the weight and build a lean muscular physique, without spending ALL your free time at the gym, or starving yourself eating nothing but plain chicken and raw broccoli. You will walk away LOOKING, FEELING, AND LIVING GREAT!

If you’re ready to start achieving all the big audience health and fitness goals you’ve set for yourself, and live your life to its fullest potential read on!


You know the feeling…

Amped up and motivated you head to the gym determined to lose weight and build a great physique. In the morning you slave away on the treadmill in an effort to burn calories. After a long day of work you head back to the gym for second workout!

You repeat this for 7 days straight, even managing to lose a few pounds along the way. Then you kick it into high gear and start “DIETING,” eating boring and bland meals that taste terrible and leave you hungry!

You start to wonder how long can you keep this up?

After a few weeks of this grueling regiment you check the mirror and find yourself looking the same! You’re exhausted, hungry, and irritable. Still determined to lose the weight, you add even more intense and exhausting exercises to your workout.



Eventually life catches up to you. You get busy and are forced to give up to this grueling and unrealistic workout schedule. 

Feelings of guilt and self-hatred build, followed by a gradual draining of every ounce of excitement you had towards reaching your health and fitness goal. You begin to think you lack will-power and self-control, and that you’ll never have the body of your dreams!

You start to believe that losing weight and building a great physique is something only professional fitness models can do. You start to think that it’s just not possible for someone like you!

That’s how goals, especially incredible and important goals like transforming your physique and health die!

Here's the TRUTH!

Losing Weight and Building an AMAZING PHYSIQUE is NOT as Hard, Complicated, or Time Consuming as you’ve been led to believe by fitness magazines, and most trainers.

You DO NOT have to spend long hours working out in the gym or spend hours slaving away on the treadmill!

In fact I often joke that I wouldn’t be healthy and fit if it was as hard as everyone thinks it is! It just wouldn’t be worth the time and effort, there’s simply to many other fun and amazing things to experience in life!

Fortunately RADICALLY TRANSFORMING your physique can be MUCH SIMPLER and EASIER than you imagine!

8 Weeks To Radically Set The Stage For Long Term Success and Transformation

The truth is radically transforming your physique is FAR EASIER than you may think. You can actually transform your physique with just a few short workouts each week! You can have massive transformation eating healthy meals that actually taste AMAZING!

What I’ve found after years of working as a Fitness Coach with CEO’s of Start-Ups, Olympic Athletes, and everyday people just like YOU who wanted to lose weight and build a lean, healthy, fit physique, is that there are a few SHIFTS you must experience in order to create the kind of success that is massive, unprecedented, and truly transformational in both your body and life.

You see, under normal circumstances, most people fall short of reaching their peak physical potential. Hopping from one crazy crash diet and extreme workout program to the next, they never truly experience what it’s like to radically transform their physique and live a life full of energy and confidence, and to have a physique they’re proud to show off!

After shifting your approach towards health and fitness, working out will become clear, simple, and easy! It’s the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle that you’re looking for. Once this is in place all it requires is a bit of consistency, fun, and time to create a physique and life beyond your wildest dreams.

That’s why I created this program called…


The Live Great Lifestyle 8 Week Transformation Program:

An 8-Week Program To Transform Your Body and Life Through the Power of Health and Fitness.

These eight weeks will have profound, and radical effects on your physique, confidence, self-esteem, health, and fitness. You’ll ditch the weight and build a lean, healthy, muscular physique that you’ll be proud of! A physique that others will envy! You will be living a life filled with energy, zest, and passion —-a life where exercise SUPPORTS your life, instead of taking over your life. You’ll set the stage for long term change and success! You will truly LOOK, FEEL, and LIVE GREAT!

You get ALL the workouts, techniques, tools, and lifestyle strategies to easily transform your physique and health.

The best part is…being healthy and fit impacts EVERY aspect of your life. Imagine springing out of bed with endless energy. Imagine walking around with the confidence to try new things. You develop new emotional, physical, and mental strength. People see you as a new person. You experience life through a new lens, one full of zest, energy, and passion!

You’ll feel like you can accomplish ANYTHING.

That’s the power of being healthy and fit. That’s the Live Great Lifestyle.

You ditch the good life, and start living a GREAT one! You enter the world of super-achievers, go-getters, and life-lovers. And you don’t have to wait years, spend all day slaving away on the treadmill or starve yourself each day to get there.

The door to your new and improved physique and life opens when you take action now!


1. Elite Transformational Training.

Luke has been working with busy CEO’s who need to show up in-shape, healthy, fit, and confident, as well as world class athletes who are looking to gain an edge on the global scene. They all seek Luke for one reason: Luke’s cutting-edge transformational exercise strategies and workouts provide the shortest path to radical transformation. This means you spend LESS time in the gym working out, and more time doing the other fun things in life! You get the same tactics and strategies to transform your physique when you enroll in the Live Great Lifestyle 8 Week Training Program.

2. Created For Lasting Long Term Success

This program ensures you lose the weight for good and create lasting change. Why lose the weight and build muscle only to lose in the long haul? Why crash diet and look good for a week, when you can look good for a LIFETIME! This program ensures you build a killer physique in a way that is sustainable.

3. Take Your Training Anywhere

The Live Great Lifestyle Training Program allows you to access it from anywhere! Using the Thinkific online training platform and downloadable workouts you can access your workouts from ANYWHERE. On your Desktop, Tablet, or Cellphone. Complete done for you workout programs and weekly video trainings dive into the details of mindset, nutrition, providing tips, and strategies to help you seamlessly integrate exercise and delicious healthy meals into your lifestyle.

Meet Your Instructor
Luke DePron

At an early age Luke developed a deep interest in all things health and fitness.  This interest led to pursuing a B.S. in Exercise Science, Kinesiology from Illinois State University. 

Time spent working in San Diego’s premier rehab studio as a Strength & Rehab Specialist provided a unique level of world class mentorship from Doctors of Physical Therapy, Doctors of Chiropractic, and Soft Tissue Therapists that most “personal trainers” don’t have access to.

This unique work environment provided the opportunity to work hands on with everyone from Olympic level endurance athletes, Crossfit Coaches,everyday people injured in car accidents, and others who simply wanted to improve their health and fitness.

Working with these clients led to developing a unique and extremely efficient and effective exercise philosophy based on MINIMAL EFFECTIVE DOSE.

Upon opening his own 1 on 1 coaching practice Luke has helped hundreds of busy people just like you discover the amazing benefits that come from adopting a health and fitness lifestyle.

Unlike most trainers this philosophy is based around the belief that exercise should enhance your lifestyle, NOT takeover your life!

The Live Great Lifestyle is built entirely on the belief that it is possible to LOOK, FEEL, and LIVE GREAT, without having to spend every waking minute obsessing over exercise and dieting. The fact is, being healthy and fit is your natural born right as a human!

Getting health and fit is NOT as hard or complicated as you’ve been lead to believe, and the benefits are FAR great than just an amazing physique!

The Live Great Lifestyle 8 Week Transformational Program is the accumulation of that coaching, training, and experience, and provides you with everything you need to transform your physique and life so you can LOOK, FEEL, and LIVE GREAT!

What People Are Saying...


“I was looking for a bodily transformation, a healthy lifestyle change – and he exceeded my expectations. My goal was to build muscle mass and improve my mobility/flexibility due to my day-to-day desk job. The routines were not only effective, they were extremely educational. Luke is very knowledgeable with the physiological, biochemical and nutritional aspects of the human body. I attribute Luke to the highest of standards and would recommend his vast expertise to all who are seeking a fitness makeover.” 

Re Perez – CEO & Founder of Branding For the People

Re – “Luke is by far the best trainer I’ve had in 20 years. Not only does he know his craft but he provides a very unique angle than most trainers. He’s is not just about the performance of training, he’s about the effectiveness of incorporating training and functional fitness into both your workouts and everyday physical activities. I learned so many techniques from Luke that I still incorporate today. He’s easy to work with. Always accommodating. And has a heart of gold. He’s more than a trainer. He’s a great coach. Educator. Healer. And friend. Thanks Luke for all the work and passion you put into your craft. Everyone should work with you. Especially if they want real and sustainable results!!!”

Miranda Melville United States Olympic Team: 2017 Brazilian RaceWalk Competitor 

As an Olympic hopeful, working with Luke has made such a positive impact on my training and athletic career. He has helped me build amazing strength and stability towards my sport. I have seen great advances in areas that were so weak before.

I have learned a lot about myself, and about the human body through Luke. He has really helped advance my athletic career. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to improve on his or her body mechanics, diet, and enjoys working out with influential individual.”



“I am an athletic guy who works a manual labor job up and down ladders all day. I thought I was in decent shape but wanted to tone up and have some definition. I was lucky enough to have 10 sessions with Luke and they were all I needed to learn the key fundamentals. I have taken those fundamentals and incorporated them into my everyday job and also workouts on my own. Luke is very patient, attentive, and easy to train with. A lot of people think a trainer might be intimidating but he is the exact opposite. I am 100% satisfied with his training skills and services. I hope this helps people out there that want to learn the correct way to workout and get the most results out of limited gym time.”

Jack Haldrup – CEO & Founder of Dr. Squatch

Luke changed my entire perspective on fitness and lifting in about 2 hours. He will teach you to do things the right way and you end up getting more results for way less work, time, and without damage to your body.


Matt – Luke is an incredible trainer and person who will motivate you, encourage you, push you and re-frame your entire ideology of working out. I am a busy professional that, for the last two years has been able to dedicate significant time and energy to getting into the gym. I hit the proverbial wall and was not making any additional strides in my fitness, until I met Luke. Luke taught me how to work smarter and not harder or longer. I saw more gains with Luke in the first 6 months than the other 1.5 years combined. Luke taught me that I was not actually feeling my muscles work previously and once he corrected bad habits, the real wins started. My time with Luke so far has been so successful on many fronts: I spend less time in the gym, I don’t over work and I see better results. Luke gave me the ability to finally “get it,” and for that, I am incredibly grateful.” 

Rachel Seaman 2012 Olympic & Canadian Record Holder (Track & Field 20KM Racewalk)

Working with Luke has completely transformed me and has revitalized my athletic career. I have gone from barely being able to lift a bar to lifting well over my body weight with complete confidence. I feel so fortunate to be working with Luke as he cares about all the details and that’s what makes all the difference. Can’t wait to see what results this brings as I train towards the Olympics in 2016.”


What You’ll Learn

How to Build a Lean Healthy Physique Without Having to Sacrifice ALL your Time and Energy at the gym!

The result of the Live Great Lifestyle program is to transform more than just your body, but your life. I truly believe it is IMPOSSIBLE to live life to the fullest if you are not healthy and fit. Imagine living life with a lean, athletic physique that you’re proud of. Imagine waking up daily more energy, vitality and confidence to go after what you really want in life!

You Are Just 8 Weeks Away From Your Greatest Physique and Version of Yourself!

Week 1:


Month 1's Workout Plans

  • 2 Complete Done For You Workouts
  • Key Concepts to MAXIMIZE muscular engagement so you spend less time in the gym.
  • Tutorial Videos ensure you perform ALL exercises correctly.
  • Quick Start Guide breaks down EXACTLY how to approach your workouts
  • EFFICIENT, EFFECTIVE, and SUSTAINABLE exercise strategies. No long workouts, wasted hours in the gym, or slaving away on the treadmill.

Week 2:


The Mindset, Movement, and Nutrition Mantras

  • Discover how to INSTANTLY motivate yourself to workout.
  • Learn to integrate FUN and EXCITING activities into your life & STOP the endless cardio on the treadmill.
  • A Simple & Easy Framework to eating healthy delicious meals WITHOUT TRACKING or COUTING EVERY CALORIE.
  • The 3×3 Rule that makes eating healthy Convenient and Easy!

Week 3:


Taking Back Control

  • A Simple Mindset Strategy to take full control and ownership over your health and fitness. Never again will you stray from your health and fitness goals!
  • Become BULLETPROOF against the marketing of processed junk food.
  • The Key Change that MUST & WILL happen to make eating healthy easy.

Week 4:


Success Language & Supplement Strategies

  • Stop YoYo Dieting for good with the 1 Never 2 Rule.
  • How to get EXCITED to workout so you actually want to do it!
  • The most POWERFUL & USEFUL supplements.
  • How to properly integrate supplements. No B.S. or gimmicks!

Week 5:


Ramp Up Your Results With Month 2's Workouts

  • Month 2’s Training Program kicks your workout into next gear, ACCELERATING your results.
  • Go Full-Steam ahead, with Month 2’s mindset makeover. Set the stage for lasting lifestyle change, so you NEVER go back to your old ways and finish these 8 weeks strong.

Week 6:


5 Areas To Optimize Your Physique Transformation

  • 5 areas of your life to Optimize and Accelerate your weight loss.
  • A Simple 4 Minute Technique to INSTANTLY reduces stress

Week 7:


Accelerate Your Fat-Loss With The Power Of Sprinting

  • Sprint Drills & Strategies to Accelerate your Physique Transformation
  • Videos from Elite Running Coach Jonathon Pierce teach you to properly sprint for MAXIMUM effectiveness. 

Week 8:


Lean, Healthy, and Fit Forever!

  • TOTAL FREEDOM! Your NEW Fitness Lifestyle
  • New Combination Exercises provide the ultimate in efficiency, so you spend even less time in the gym.
  • 7 NEW Workout Templates allow you to plug and chug exercises to create endless new workouts.

Access This Course ANYWHERE, using Thinkific an online training platform and Downloadable PDF training programs.

  • Access anytime, anywhere
  • Downloadable PDF Workout Routines, Recipes, Stretching Routines,
  • Tutorial Videos of EVERY Exercise
  • Access Weekly Videos on Lifestyle Strategies, Nutrition, Fitness, and Mindset Concepts

Incredible Results Without Hoping or Wishing, But Instead Using a Proven and Tested System.

As a Fitness Coach one of my greatest joys is hearing clients share how amazing it is to LOOK and FEEL GREAT!

And while most people start their fitness journey with a physique goal in mind, ultimately their results become much bigger. Losing twenty pounds, building your confidence, having more energy, and creating a physique you are proud of is truly life changing!

In fact to these clients it’s priceless!

That’s why clients happily shell out thousands of dollars for this type of transformational training with me.

And in this program you’re not simply getting a workout plan, you’re getting an entire transformational system. EVERYTHING you need to radically transform your physique, and finally take control over your health and fitness in the long haul.

But I’m not going to charge you thousands of dollars for it. In fact you can buy the entire Live Great Lifestyle 8 Week transformation program for only $497 dollars!

Many would consider this an incredible deal! But to remove EVERY ounce of resistance and make it a real no-brainer for you, I’ve decided to slash the price even more!

But first I want to show you how much impact this same program and approach towards health and fitness has created in others.

Here’s What Students Say About Luke DePron’s Work

“I lost 5 inches on my waist!!!! I am so happy with this workout and that I haven’t given up. This is the longest workout I have stuck with. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

I’’ve not only lost weight by being coached by Luke but my overall life is healthier. I sleep better, I’’m more active and I’m generally a happier person. I just wish I found Luke earlier in life! I would recommend Luke DePron as a coach in a heartbeat to anyone looking to live a better, healthier life.” 

Tony – “Even though I used to work out a lot I didn’t see the results I wanted. I felt like my stomach always stuck out no matter how many crunches I did. Now I work out less and have lost weight and am getting back my abs that I used to have when I was younger. I have also freed up time because I don’t work out near as much as before. It’s amazing how much time I wasted and how many things I was doing wrong.”

“Tunde – I do the workouts he taught me 3 times a week, max 1 hour each time and that is sufficient to achieve the results I want. Today I work out with the intensity that I had 15 years ago.”

John – “Luke is spot-on! I was looking for help improving mobility and to learn muscle mechanics in order to improve my progress in the gym and take my lifting to the next level! Luke not only knows what he’s doing, but he’s also a tremendous teacher and is able to notice little tweaks that can be made for amazing results.”

 I have lost thirteen pounds in the past 3 months and feel much more physically fit!

Incredible Transformation At An Believable Price

What you’ll experience in this program is so transformational that I believe your entire life will improve, not just your physique. That’s really the power of a health and fitness lifestyle.

And I want to make sure that happens. So for this program, You won’t pay the full $497 dollars. To ensure maximum impact while still keeping the costs covered, I’m offering the entire Live Great Lifestyle Transformation Program for only 147.

Don't Decide Now -
Try The Live Great Lifestyle Transformation Program for 30 Days

I have seen really incredible things happen for people after going through my training program.

The reason it’s called the Live Great Lifestyle is that taking control of you health and fitness is truly transformational. And it’s WAY bigger than just an incredible looking physique. You really can move from living a good life, to a GREAT one! All because you got into action and used efficient and effective exercise strategies.

You will never know what amazing results you will experience  if you don’t try it! So you can enroll now for the Live Great Lifestyle Transformation Program and try the experience for 30 days and that will be completely risk free to you. It means you get access to the workouts and all the training videos, and if you don’t LOVE the results you’ve got or if you don’t like the way the program is delivered…I insist you get a total refund for the program.

If you’re not thrilled with your results, simply email me at and your entire investment will be instantly refunded, no questions asked. It’s that easy.

So get started now. You have nothing to lose but a whole new body to gain!

Click the “Add-to-Cart” button below.

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Included in this program

  • 8 Week Resistance Training Video: Month 1 Alpha & Beta Workouts. Month 2 Alpha & Beta Workouts
  • Exercise Tutorial Videos: Access from your computer, tablet, or cellphone
  • 3 Complete Stretching & Mobility Routines Video Tutorials For Every Stretch
  • Weekly Videos Further Breakdown Nutritional, Mindset, Exercise, and Lifestyle Strategies to keep you accountable and create LASTING lifestyle change.
  • Nutrition and Recipe Guide: The Live Great Nutritional Philosophy Breakdown teaches you how to easily integrate healthy food into your life. 60 Done for you recipes.
  • Quick Start Guide: Teaches You How to Customize the Workout Routines for your personal life
  • Mistake Manual Pages: Thousands of Hours working 1 on 1 with clients have identified a few common mistakes you MUST avoid during each exercise to maximize your results
  • Key Concepts: To Help Maximize Muscular Engagement
  • Future Workout Builder: Learn How to Create New Workouts so you can continue working out on your own: New Exercise Videos

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What Happens After You Order

1. Click The Add To Cart Button to create your personalized login information.

2. Then complete your order on the Secure Order Page.

3. Login to begin Week 1’s Training and Download Month 1 Training Program.

Is Today The Day Your Transform Your Body & Life?

You see, the longer you delay improving your health, fitness, and physique…the further away your GREAT Life hides.

You are meant to be healthy, fit, and have a physique you are proud of. In fact I believe it is your natural born right as a human!  But that doesn’t happen unless you take action and change course. Right now, you’re staring at a fork in the road.

Your life can go two ways. One is where you take action now and see amazing results. The other is where you postpone your great life for who knows how long. Is today the day you transform your body and life?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The Live Great Program is completely scalable. Whether you’re a complete novice to working out, or someone who has spent years in the gym, you will benefit from this program. Progressing and personalizing the workout routines is done through reps, sets, weight, and tempo, all designed to meet you at your current fitness level.

No. While a traditional gym is ideal and gives you access to ALL of the most powerful exercises, the workouts can be completed with just a set of Dumbbells if needed. 

The workouts are 45 minutes in length (and can be shorter if needed). 2-3 Workouts per week are recommended. Ultimately this is meant to fit into your lifestyle, and you will learn to scale the workouts to fit your schedule should you have less or more time.

Yes! There is very little difference between the biomechanics (how your body moves) between a man and women. This exercise philosophy and workout program has been benefitted both men and women. 

Programs like P90x or Insanity take a VOLUME approach, meaning they focusing on simply doing more reps, sets, and jumping, giving little care for proper form. The Live Great Program works on mastering and strengthening a few powerful exercises to transform your physique. Ultimately this is an approach to exercise that you can maintain forever and is based on a Minimal Effective Dose Strategy.


Results of course vary from person to person and are dependent on doing the work. However you can expect to lose weight, build muscle and develop a lean athletic look, not a bulky body-builder look. You will experience more energy, confidence, and joy from life by improving your health and fitness.

No the Live Great Program recipe guide is based on a flexible nutritional philosophy. A philosophy that you can bend and shape to your liking.

There is no point to a strict diet that you cannot follow in the long term.

Included are over 50+ recipes you can integrate into your diet.

Professional Chef Kat Humphus was kind enough to share a few of her AMAZING recipes. Healthy can taste good! 

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& Try The Live Great Lifestyle Transformational Program Now


Included in this program

  • 8 Week Resistance Training Video: Month 1 Alpha & Beta Workouts. Month 2 Alpha & Beta Workouts
  • Exercise Tutorial Videos: Access from your computer, tablet, or cellphone
  • 3 Complete Stretching & Mobility Routines Video Tutorials For Every Stretch
  • Weekly Videos Further Breakdown Nutritional, Mindset, Exercise, and Lifestyle Strategies to keep you accountable and create LASTING lifestyle change.
  • Nutrition and Recipe Guide: The Live Great Nutritional Philosophy Breakdown teaches how to easily integrate healthy food into your life. 60 Done for you recipes.
  • Quick Start Guide: Teaches You How to Customize the Workout Routines for you personal life
  • Mistake Manual Pages: Thousands of Hours working 1 on 1 with clients have identified a few common mistakes you MUST avoid on each exercise to maximize your results
  • Key Concepts: To Help Maximize Muscular Engagement
  • Future Workout Builder: Learn How to Create New Workouts so you can continue working out on your own: New Exercise Videos

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$497 147