Workshops & Speaking

Workshops & Speaking

Interested in helping your employees or members of your organization improve their health and fitness?

I offer on site workshops, talks, lunch and learns, to help support your existing corporate wellness programs, or help you put one in place.

Workshops and talks can be custom designed to meet your needs, and range from interactive hand on exercise education and demonstration, to talks on mindset and strategies to creating a healthy lifestyle.

Topics & Talks

Office Chair to Athlete

Hands on Posture & Movement Workshop: Get your attendees up and moving with hands on exercise demonstration and instruction.


  • How posture impacts sales, speaking, and presentations.
  • MUST DO stretches if you work a desk job.
  • Exercises to reclaim proper posture.
  • Exercises to avoid if you work a desk job.
  • Attendees walk away with clear and concise direction on how to maximize their time in the gym through efficient and effective exercise techniques.

The Lifestyle Mindset

Using an introspective coaching philosophy we go beyond the external resources of Exercise and Diet “Plan.”

This workshop focuses on looking within. Attendees walk away with the internal resources to put ANY fitness and nutrition plan into action!


  • The power of a MASSIVE WHY! How to make health and fitness part of your lifestyle.
  • The impact language has on your fitness goals.
  • A simple visualization technique to “sell” yourself on putting your fitness plan into action.
  • The Lifestyle “Reset.” Proper exercise is NOT as hard or as involved as most people think. Discover what it really takes to properly exercise.

Custom Talks

Have a health and fitness topic you would like covered at your speaking event, workshop, or company? 

Custom designed talks and presentations can be developed based on your needs.

Past Clients

Mike Kinney Owner of Plan For Adventure

It was fantastic having Luke as a guest trainer at Plan for Adventure. His seminar on mechanics and posture was filled with useful, easy to understand tips, cues and exercises. I have gotten positive feedback from many of the participants on how it has improved their daily life and athletics in just a few short weeks. It is refreshing to see a person of Luke’s caliber give honest instruction as well as realistic time lines for improvement. No 6 week abs, no secret pill. Working on moving better, not more.

angel Chelik Owner Of work better wellness

Luke’s presentation was engaging and hands on. His knowledge about biomechanics is evident but more importantly, he easily explained how faulty movement patterns cause strain on the body. He walked us all through an assessment and then showed us stretches that can counteract imbalances in the body. I would highly recommend him for an on-site postural workshop.

Nick unsworth owner of life on fire

“Luke brought knowledge and good times while presenting at our Life on Fire event. Everyone loved the actionable steps that we did together as a group. Nothing better than having your audience focused, attentive, and feeling great!”

Charles Musclewhite Owner of fun Loving Couples

After seeing how Luke’s program worked in a group we asked him to be a speaker at an event we had for couples. Luke spoke for about 30-45 minutes explaining the importance of posture, stretching, bending correctly and moving after sitting for long periods of time.

He then had us all work with our spouse and help one with each movement. Our attendees had a blast because Luke made it fun and interesting and they learned many movements that they could implement at home or at their office. We were very happy to have Luke at our event and he did a fantastic job. We would have him come again to another event.”

Huffington post contributing writer

As a contributing writer for the Huffington Post Luke shares his knowledge and insights on health and fitness  to Huffington Posts readers worldwide.